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Robin VS Slade - Colored by teentitans Robin VS Slade - Colored by teentitans

Finally done! I wanted to keep to the style of the cartoon as much as if ya say OMG this is sooo not yer style and they look animeish or cartoony or chibi or whatever... that is why.

The only thing I really kinda changed was the shading...cell shading is just to simple and I wanted a lil' bit more then that. I put a lil' bit more detail into the characters just by the shading...since they are kinda simply designed characters.... O.< Although even with the shading I kept to the basics... see shineyness where it usually shows shineyness on Slades armour?

Anywho this sence is inspired by many of those awesome fight sences *and many screenshots, offical artwork and whatnot I found layin' around the net of the awesome fight scenes so I can draw the titan style* ya see between Robin and Slade in the first season. At the time I drew this I hadn't seen Aftershock yet and now that I have I should like draw Terra.... maybe.... O.< .... she isn't one of my favorites out of them.... hell maybe I'll just go and draw Raven.

Anywho this was fun, much more simple then my usual pieces, and it's been like forever since I drew up comic book/cartoon characters... so enjoy!

Robin and Slade and the whole Teen Titans thingamagig is (c) to WB and DC comics foo'!

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LiquidWarehouse Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005   Photographer
This is more comic-book than cartoo and looks all the better for it, reminds me of those detailed section pieces or cover art.

Only gripe is Slades mask looks a little elongated, bit longer than it should IMO

Robin looks fantastic though

great work.
Sketcher6138 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
so frickin awesome!
laurabeth Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
amazing shading. I give you thumbs up!!!! :couch: now I go bed

Ultramanzeta Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
Very nice.

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